Mobile ALumni Today

Your Alumni Book, Gone Mobile

An exciting new app from Harris Connect

Introducing Mobile Alumni Today™

At a Glance

Mobile Alumni Today™ is a brand new app from Harris Connect that allows you to stay in touch with your Alma Mater and alumni. Reconnect with friends you studied with, network with your peers for business and career opportunities, share important developments in your life, and stay up to date with news and updates from your school.

Exciting Features

Now you can keep up with all your college friends

Searchable Alumni Database

Mobile Alumni Today™ contains your dataset in a secure and easily searchable format, and is particularly useful for career networking.

Links to Online Giving

Giving back to your Alma Mater has never been easier.

Links to Social Media

Direct links to social media channels allows you stay in touch with your university.

Geo-Location Search

Find your fellow alumni anywhere in the world.

Customizable Profiles

Keeping your profile up-to-date is a breeze for networking and building new relationships.

Events & News Feeds

Keep informed with updated news and event feeds from the Mobile Alumni Today home screen.

Why Harris Connect?

For over 50 years, Harris Connect has been proudly focused on helping you and your colleagues make meaningful and lasting connections with your alumni. Today, those connections are more important than ever - and there is simply no other provider in the industry that can deliver the same level of experience, quality, and results as Harris Connect.

Mobile Alumni Today™ is a complement to our print and web products, featuring all the content from your publication on a portable tablet device. Our mobile solution continually pushes out new content to the user, giving them new ways to engage and interact with their fellow alumni.

How are we different?

Put our experience to work for you.

Data Accuracy

From updating lost alumni, appending thousands of new email addresses, career information, and mobile phone numbers, our focus is on delivering the highest percentage of quality data updates to you. Better data translates to thousands of data research dollars saved, as well as increased fundraising opportunities for you.


As we make promises to your alumni, we guarantee an on-time delivery of your publication... every time. Your alumni should not have to wait 6, 9, or even 12 months to receive a product for which they have already paid. A financial on-time guarantee ensures we put our money where our mouth is.

Stellar Quality

The quality of the products delivered to your alumni and members is of paramount importance to Harris Connect. From our cover designs, paper quality, to the strength of the book's binding that will get opened dozens of times, we take pride in the high quality products provided to your alumni.

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